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Full Scale Monster Hunter Tri/Portable 3rd Papercrafting ,Cosplay and Trophies

Monster Huntering Just got Real!

Now Over 700 peices of Armor to chose from! 1300 Weapons to build , Endless posability

No other Website in the Universe offers more wearable and usable Armor/Weapon posabilities

But then No other Game is MONSTER HUNTER!!

See the DIY sections for all Armors and Weapons from TRI

Our Sister Site is Open

Battle Dragon Dot Works

What are you waiting for Check our link above!

You can built AWESOME Stuff!

Foam Armor

Rathalos Armor

Armored Selfie

Chocobo Riders Cosplay Page

Ratholos rathalos head mount

final Fantasy xiv

Check the Events, This year 2016 Chistmas Event will be Y5 Reunion/Monster Hunter Live at Holiday Matsuri

We retired our second creature Los and we are building new creatures!

A Super Huge shout out goes to Bear, the 2X contributions helps us keep this site open and Free , Find her o the web you'll thank me.

A Redonkulous Special Thanks goes out to Seth VanHeulen for decoding the MHP3RD and MHFU Models he is also working on MH4U. Finger Crossed

James Sim donated and is building Zinogre in 2016 ,I sure look forward to seeing that!

Justin up there in Rathalos armor is our biggest PDO contributor and also $$$ too, Awesome Thanks! Justin does Great work!

Thanks to everyone else as well that has helped with pictures,videos and events and donations

Even small donations help alot,$1-$5 Each dollar goes into the site to make it and events possible.

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This is us having a great time battling the Craic Show check them out!!

Monster Hunters Official site is Capcom but I am not affiliated with them I just really like there Games and want to see people cosplay from it! Thanks!