RwArTechdollogic Monster Hunter Tri PapercraftsRwAr

Full Scale Monster Hunter Tri Papercrafting

Monster Huntering now only For Real!

600 peices of Armor to chose from! 800 Weapons to build , Endless posability

No other Website in the Universe offers more wearable and usable Armor/Weapon posabilities

But then No other Game is MONSTER HUNTER!!

See the DIY sections for all Armors and Weapons from TRI

Kool Stuff!

Justins Kool armors!

Portable 3rd weapons in packs, Armors will follow shortly

Foam Armor

Rathalos Armor

Armored Selfie

Portable 3rd

A Super Huge shout out goes to Bear, his contribution helps us keep this site open!

A Special Thanks goes out to Seth VanHeulen for decoding the MHP3RD and MHFU Models

New Events This Winter

Holiday Matsuri Events


Get Tickets for Holiday Matsuri now and join us this winter for some awesome Monster Hunting action! A Huge Toys for Tots Event!

Main Event is Monster Hunter LIVE , this event is Hunting in real life simular to what we did on the Pics and videos page

Main Event

We will have Buffer type sword fighting all weekend too! Winner will take home a Awesome Large Prize!

Main Event

We will also have Panels on how to make armor, weapons, monsters and Play Monster Hunter with Friends

Main Event

Just a few of thethings

portable 3rd


Ratholos rathalos head mount


Monsterous Navigation Menu!

ready to build weapons

do it yourself weapons


ready to build armor

do it yourself weapons

pics and vids


faq and useful tools


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